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The Collaborative Divorce Process has proven to be the right choice for a growing number of families in Michigan, across the country, and even internationally. The passage of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act by the Michigan Legislature in 2014 reflects the growing number of divorcing couples seeking a more dignified, more peaceful, and less acrimonious process to divorce.


In order to determine if Collaborative Divorce is right for you, ask yourself:

Would I like to have more control over the direction and outcome of my divorce?

Is it important to keep my divorce issues out of a public courtroom and resolved privately?

Do I believe that my spouse and I can communicate in a respectful way, engaging professional help where needed?

Is it important that my spouse and I maintain a civil and courteous relationship during and after the divorce?

Do I believe that my spouse and I, despite our differences, can have an open and frank dialogue about our divorce, and voluntarily disclose all relevant facts to each other?


If you believe the answers to these questions are “yes”, then your case may be appropriate for Collaborative Divorce.  To find a collaboratively trained professional and help you with the next step, click here.

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