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Some Advantages of Collaborative Divorce:
  • Less stress and animosity.

  • With a focus on the future, past differences and unproductive patterns are left behind.

  • Each spouse feels in control of his or her own future.

  • The dignity of the family is preserved.

  • Parenting decisions put the interests of children first.

  • Compliance with the final settlement is usually greater.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative for divorcing couples, who seek a problem-solving and goal-oriented approach to dissolving their marriage, rather than an adversarial court-based model.  Your collaborative team consists of professionals who have been trained in the collaborative process, helping couples work through the emotional and financial aspects of divorce without court intervention.  

Each spouse is represented by their own collaboratively trained attorney throughout the process, will work with other collaboratively trained professionals as the need arises in their specific case. Other collaboratively trained professionals may include divorce coaches, financial professionals, mediators, mental health professionals, or child specialists. Every individual involved in a Collaborative Divorce is committed to resolving the couple’s situation in a dignified manner that best honors each spouse's goals, without going to court.

For Further Information:
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